With the apps discover mode, buyers and sellers can connect locally in a single
tap. There are no intermediaries and users can directly exchange cash for
crypto. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Hawala.Today aims to provide
support for all ERC-20 tokens with the official release of the app.

Real-time P2P Transactions

Hawala.Today is the world’s first real-time P2P crypto-fiat currency exchange with live updates.

International Money Transfer

The Hawala Wallet can be used to trade crypto across the world, with any ERC-20 compatible wallet address.
Instead of searching locally, users can enter the recipient’s address directly into their wallet and send quick transfers to anywhere in the world.

Cash Cards

Many countries in the world are restricted by inefficient or conservative financial infrastructures.
Hawala Cash Cards will enable everyone to buy into crypto with the payment options available to them.

The App


Hawala Token (HAT)


Initial Supply

2,500,000 HAT

Total Supply

7,000,000 HAT





Incentive for Stake (IFS)

Hawala.Today incorporates a new incentive model, Incentive for Stake. This is based off of the Proof of Stake model, where staking results in the minting of new tokens. After the initial supply of 2.5 million, every year will see tokens added to the supply with Annualized Reward Rate (ARR) starting from 15% and evening out at just over 7% in 10 years.

The graph depicts the increase of token supply over a period of 10 years, until the 7 million cap is reached.

The IFS model is designed to let the community stake their tokens and in turn, receive rewards proportional to the amount of HAT they stake. So, in essence, all tokens minted after the initial supply will be distributed among the token holders till the cap is reached.


Staking (Wallet)

The Hawala Wallet will allow staking of HAT tokens. The IFS model utilizes this and users get rewards based on how many HAT tokens they stake. Tokens being staked are not accessible for trading. Join our social media for regular updates.

Currently, the application is in alpha phase, entering the community testing phase and will be supported across smartphones, Windows and OSX platforms.

Roadmap (Q4 2017 – Q4 2018)

Hawala.Today employs the Agile Software Development model where
everyone is delegated a variety of tasks and a single coherent vision.

  1. DevelopmentCompleted

    Concept & Research for the P2P exchange

    Website & Prototype Development

    Exchange Listing & Airdrops

    Testing for IFS Model

  2. ExecutionCompleted

    Website Rebranding

    Hawala Staking Wallet Alpha Release (PC/macOS)

    Coin Swap / IFS Implementation

    Alpha Testing for Mobile App (25 community testers)

    Mobile App Release (Android/iOS)

    Alpha Mobile Wallet Release on PlayStore and App Store

    Marketing Campaigns (ongoing)

  3. Security, Exchange & AMS Platform

    3rd-Party Identity & Security Platform Integration

    Security / AML/ KYC Implementation

    Alpha / Beta Testing of Hawala Exchange

    BTC / ETH Wallet Integration

    Whitepaper release for AMS Platform

    Marketing Campaigns (ongoing)

  4. Implementation & Beta Testing

    Hawala Exchange Goes Live

    ERC-20 Token Implementation

    Testing for AMS Platform

    Fiat Integration

    Final Phase of Alpha Testing

    Beta Release of Application Builds (community only)

    Marketing Campaigns (ongoing)

  5. App Release & AMS Platform (Beta)

    Official Release of the Hawala.Today Application

    AMS Platform Beta Phase

Get Started with Hawala.Today, today. No pun intended.

With the Incentive for Stake (IFS) system, the more HAT tokens you stake the more
you'll earn in rewards